Welcome to Robin Powell Photography where you can travel worldwide through images captured from a unique perspective.

Photography is a passion for Robin Powell combining her love of fishing, diving, traveling & nature. She is especially comfortable in the water and has a keen eye for detail and has been extensively trained in numerous scientific and technical fields.

Her love for the seas and photography was born in Oregon marveling at the tide pools of the Pacific Coast as a young child. She began traveling at a very early age throughout the US & Canada and began fishing and swimming at age 5.

Robin joined the Army at age 17 crewing aboard 65' and 100' tugboats on the Eastern seaboard. She obtained her Coast Guard Captain's license by age 19, graduating first in class and becoming one of the Army's earliest female boat captains.

Turning down a recommendation to attend West Point, Robin went to the Panama Canal Zone, where she ran logistics with 1097th Transportation for all of Panama. Emphasis was Special Forces training for Jungle Operations and Latin School of the Americas.

She has been operating vessels for over 34 years and is an Advanced Nitrox diver with over 32 years experience. She has worked in various maritime industries for over 34 years and is an IGFA Certified Observer.

She also operated a Construction Management business and custom jewelry business for 30 years.